AR / Branding / Service Design

~Camden Case Study, CSM 

Camden Learning Disabilities Services (CLDS) - Client Project
Camden Learning Disabilities Service (CLDS). CLDS provides integrated health and social care for Camden Council and the NHS. CLDS works in partnership with people with learning disabilities—as well as their families, professional network, and carers—in order to gain a holistic view of their lives.

As a part of the MA Graphic Communication Design programme at Central Saint Martins, we worked with CLDS to 
help people with learning disabilities (and their families/carers) communicate better with the people at CLDS and connect with each other as communities.

The project aimed to build a sense of community within the people of CLDS and the clients. Understanding the potential of the CLDS community and building a better system within CLDS to help create a sense of community within the people at CLDS were the key goals. The pictograms were an amalgamation of gradients and iconography. The gradient represnts the spectrum of the CLDS community and through these we tried to expand on the typical notions of inclusive design. This case study was done in collaboration with Thanat Jenthumrong (TJ) and Ellie Stanton. 

Welcome Pack
We created a welcome pack for the users to interact with upon their arrival at the CLDS facility. The welcome pack contained a leaflet with basic information about CLDS and a redesigned appointment letter which directs the user to the corrcet person and service they are in need of. 

Interactive AR Poster
We also wanted to create a calm environment for the users while they await. The welcome pack also consisted of an AR poster which is an interactive poster for the users to interact with while they wait. This AR poster helps the users calm themselves and not feel overwhelmed during the wait.