Design Research / 3D Modelling / WIP

~Debris of the 21st Century, MA GCD

MA Graphic Communication Design
Central Saint Martins, London
The Debris of the 21st Century is an ongoing inquiry into the the daily materials of our lifestyle, that we so deliberately use. Yet we are oblivious to the impacts of those materials. The inquiry began with a thought process of what might the future human beings think of our world if they were to dig for treasures from the 21st Century?

In a world where the economy revolves around consuming and producing these objects in a rapid manner, what challenges does that leave in the hands of a designer and how might we understand these challenges and the history of it to tackle it efficiently?

From a 21st century perspective, there is perhaps no other material that defines this century better than plastic. Through this one material, I attempt to understand its traces from past, present and future (briefly) that dawns this reality of today.

In my previous written component, I lay out a hypothesis for myself— To access the plastic material through various modes, however none of them will be enough for me to decipher the material. There are many aspects of a simple material which has the capacity to create a complex interweaved structure, which in many ways can represent the various aspects of our lives.

3D modelling
With the help of 3D modelling, I try to decipher the complex web in my mind. Building a narrative resembling a zoom lens, I try to focus on various aspects of a plastic’s life. I seek its existence, its debris, its present and its future. I used the expression of 3d visuals to heighten my thoughts, to exaggerate my interweaved web and to amplify emotions. The use of 3d visuals involved many layers of chain of thoughts