Branding / Publication / Typography

~Eros School
of Expression

Self Initiated Project
Eros School of Expression is a self-initiated project which is an imagined institution in a world where the concept of erotica has managed to embrace its biological function. A milieu where sexuality and erotica is free from all its prejudices and judgments. It is a school where an individual can come to learn about erotica, through the medium of art; be it film, literature, fine arts, music, performance, etc.

Journalling, Mindmapping
The initial stages of the project involved questioning the current scenario and the social stigma around sex and sexuality, ethics in the sex industry, a world dominated by sex only from a male point of view etc. The school is a refuge to the problems faced in today's world through these scenarios and aims to uproot these stigmas by the right means of education and freedom of expression.

Final Logo
The name of the school is obtained from Eros, the Greek God of passion and sex, the term ‘Erotica’ also evolves from God Eros. The illustration is a visualisation of Eros and represents an elevated feeling of freedom of expression.
Curriculum Booklet, Event Posters 
Curriculum booklet, communicating the ideology of the Institution through various subjects in curriculum and events held at the institute. With curriculum involving subjects such as-History of Erotica, Erotic Literature, Ethics in the Sex Industry, Erotic Photography, Erotic Fine Arts (Sculpture, Painting), Performance Erotica, Film Making etc. It aims to approach the ideology in a holistic manner, trying to educate students from all perspectives while letting them find their own form of expression. Events such as exhibitions and film screenings, carefully curate the content, that speaks about the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.