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~ Finding Hope: In this Chasm of Consumerism

Thesis Project
Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore
Finding Hope: In this Chasm of consumerism is a thesis project, which is an inquiry on the role of the individual in the world of consumption. It is a quest to find hope amidst the consumption overload. The journey is an experiment on myself to understand the impact I have on the environment. “To what degree does my consumption affect the environment? What is my global footprint?” These are a couple of questions I mapped upon and understood the sections in which I primarily consume. Through primary and secondary research, self-experimentation, data mapping of my consumption, and exploration; I question and explore the possibilities through which I could choose to change my lifestyle in order to make a minimal impact on the environment.

Final Book Design
The final outcome was  in the form of a book that translates my journey and process of finding my hope in this world of consumerism.

Mind mapping, journal notes, research
The initial two months of the project focussed on understanding my daily consumption, the impact we had on our environment and mapping those insights.
Mawphlang, Meghalaya
Living with the Khasi tribe in Mawphlang, Meghalaya,and understanding how they lived a self sustainable lifestyle.

Mapping consumption, changing lifestyle
It further moved to a second phase where I incorporated the possible changes in my lifestyle such as making my own beauty products from natural ingredients, composting my waste, becoming a vegetarian, switching to a menstrual cup, cooking and eating fresh food and avoiding all packaged food, etc. Towards the end of the four months, there was a significant change in my ecological footprint. From 2.69 global hectares, it went to 1.23 global hectares, which was a little less than half of the footprint before.