~ Thembang, Fortified Village

Thembang, Arunachal Pradesh
Throughout my childhood, I have had the opportunity to live with various communities from different parts of India. One such community was in Thembang Village in Arunachal Pradesh.

Constructed before 1100 CE, Thembang is host to several ancient and historical structures and has drawn the maximum attention for the fortified Dzong constructed using traditional techniques of the region. Due to the richness of heritage structures found in the village, locals consider the village of Thembang itself as a monument.

One of the soldiers posted along with my father was a local from the village and I had the chance to live with them and experience their culture. Thembang people are an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement depicting significant cultural influences that are known for their sense of responsibility to their environment and their efforts to maintain their natural and cultural heritage resources for posterity.